I recently downloaded a large number of GIS data files from a government agency to a file server and need to unzip all of them via the command line. However, unzip filename.zip is returning "Unsupported compression method 14". What does this mean? How can I extract the files?

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These files were compressed using the LZMA algorithm (possibly using WinZip). LZMA archives are not supported by the unzip command. I found that I could extract these files using 7z instead, as follows:

  1. Install p7zip (from source or package manager)
  2. 7z x filename.zip

If You still receive unsupported format warning, You can install p7zip-full package.

p7zip-full provides 7z and 7za which support more compression formats. For example for extracting the file zipfile.zip

  1. sudo apt-get install p7zip-full
  2. 7za e zipfile.zip

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