I'm try to run msiexec in PowerShell but I keep getting an error message. If I run it from cmd then it's all fine.

Can someone please let me know how I can run this command in PowerShell?

This is the command I have typed in PowerShell:

msiexec.exe /qb /I "C:\m_temp\Floating\PrimeWixInstaller.msi" INSTALLLOCATION="C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1.0" ALT_DOC_DIR="C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1.0"

When I try to run the command then the Windows Installer help window pops up:

Windows Installer help window


It happens because the arguments contain spaces (for example, "C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1.0"). In such cases you must escape the quotes around the arguments.

The escape character in PowerShell is the grave-accent(`).

So the command should look something like this:

msiexec.exe /qb /I "C:\myInstaller.msi" INSTALLLOCATION=`"C:\Program Files\installFolder`" ALT_DOC_DIR=`"C:\Program Files\otherFolder`"
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