I want to change the color of the actual command prompt, and not the color of the rest of console.

For example:

C:\Users\home> dir  (THIS LINE IS BRIGHT YELLOW)
30/09/2011  07:18 PM    <DIR>          .          (REST OF LINES ARE WHITE)
30/09/2011  07:18 PM    <DIR>          ..

The reason for this is when I execute commands that produce a lot of output and I wish to find previous commands. However, since they are usually all the same color, its difficult to spot actual "prompts".

  • Are you using vanilla console2 or with cygwin?
    – 에이바
    Jul 11 '12 at 23:20

You satisfied with the yellow color in the prompt only?

ANSI X3.64 in prompt

Screenshot was taken from my own Console Emulator (ConEmu), sorry for self-promoton ;)

Link to ColorPrompt.cmd.

If you want repeat this trick in Console2, you owe to use AnsiCon after (or before) changing prompt.

ansicon.exe -p

The idea is to use ANSI x3.64 sequences to change console output colors.

  • Where you actually want to put that URL i can't find out you should have to use format buttons until you don't know hoe to proper format manually. :)
    – avirk
    Jun 11 '12 at 15:18

Not sure if you can do that with console2, (help file doesn't seem to work for me) You can try using a different shell such as cygwins bash. For me, the default bash terminal comes with the prompt already highlighted in a separate color (green). It works fine under console2 as well.

bash --login -i

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