It's easier to show than tell – see this screenshot:

enter image description here

Here's what I have already looked into:

  • Preferences: no settings that (seem to) apply here;

  • Universal Access: in particular, "Assistive Devices" – my first thought was that I had inadvertently used a keyboard shortcut that triggered this mode which is in fact an option under Assistive Devices

  • Deleted & Reinstalled iTunes: including the cache, temporary files in
    ~/Library/Application Support and ~/Library/iTunes

I have also surfed the Apple Support forums, and indeed, there are several posts about this, but all of them unanswered.

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It looks like you have High Contrast Mode switched on for iTunes. To switch this off, quit iTunes and type the following in Terminal:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes high-contrast-mode-enable -bool no

or alternatively:

defaults delete com.apple.iTunes high-contrast-mode-enable

Then restart iTunes...

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