How do I make Windows 7 log off from a password-protected Samba network drive?

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where X: is your drive and \\SERVER\SHARENAME your fully qualified share name.

Step by Step

  1. View all network connections:


    Example Output:

      Status                 Local       Remote            Network
    OK                                 \\name\IPC$       Microsoft Windows Network
    OK                                 \\name2\folder    Microsoft Windows Network
  2. Using the Remote name, we can disconnect using on of the following statements, depending on which one we want to disconnect from:

    net use \\name /delete


    net use \\name2\folder /delete

    Example Output: (given the above \\name\IPC being connected))

    Net use  \\name /delete
    \\name was deleted successfully.

Another way, to disconnect from every share is to execute net use * /delete. This will disconnect every Network share you're currently connected to. This is still quicker than logging off and back on.

If you want to create an icon to automatically disconnect all network shares (using a GUI method), you can do the following:

  1. Right-click on a blank area of the folder you want to add the shortcut to.
  2. Point to New->Shortcut and click.
  3. Type net use * /delete /y for the Command, then click Next.
  4. Give it a name, and click Finish.

You can also specify a certain network share, if known in advance, and use that one instead. Using the /y automatically select the yes option in the command.


open notepad:

@echo off
::Disconnect user
net use * /delete /y
msg * /time:5 "You have been successfully Disconnected"

Copy paste save as a bat (file Extention " *.bat ", create a shortcut edit the shortcut to an icon of your choosing...

upon double click, the command will be run and a gui popup box will say the message and go away in 5 seconds or wait 5 seconds till appearing...

we use this quite a bit at work :)

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