I need to hide the mail header as default to get more space for mail content.

I tried searching with Google and got nothing helpful.

I found out that I can toggle showing/hiding the mail header by using Message/Move/Actions/Other Action/Message Header. Then, my mail would look like this, with mail content and a compact header to give us more space to read mail.

But I can't find any way to make this view style default.

I don't agree with MadBoy, my outlook 2010 still show header even I've close it just before.

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    When I select Message/Move/Actions/Other Action/Message Header and close the email and open new one the setting is preserved.. and there's no message header (Outlook 2010).
    – MadBoy
    Nov 1, 2011 at 9:31

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As MadBoy had said:

Message ribbon tab > Actions > Other actions > Message header

enter image description here

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