I use Format - Page - Background to set background pictures for my pages. And I'd like one background picture for the first page and a different picture for the other pages. Some times I'd also like different margin settings for different pages. How to achieve this?

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It's a lot harder than it has to be. First, you need to define a Page Style for each background image you want. These can be created in View / Styles and Formatting / Page Styles [button]. Right-click the list of page styles, click New, then name it in *the Organization tab. Make sure Next Style returns to Default. In the Background* tab, apply the color or graphic of your choice.

The key to having a different style on each page is the page break. Select Insert / Manual Break / Page Break. Under the style dropdown, select the Page Style/background you want the next page to have.

You can return to the first page (default white) and simply double-click on the page style you want. You can also do this for later pages for which the page break/style action has been done.

If you should want to apply a page style to the remainder of the document, modify or create a new page style, and in the organization tab, select the style you want in the Next Style dropdown.

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