I have two disks:

  • System disk: Corsair SSD Force GT 120 GB
  • Storage disk: 1 TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ

Where should I put a game for best performance?


Most games depend mostly on loading in data from your storage.

So, in order to optimize the delay of level or scene loading, you should put your games on a SSD.

Please note that games that involve a lot of writes, like a Minecraft world, better fit a HDD.


Depends on the game. RTS games, FPS games, Strategy games touch the hard drive to load maps. In those games, you'll only notice a performance difference at the start of a map. You'll see a negligible difference in fps and/or performance during the map.

Now if you are in a game that loads a lot of maps or has a lot of map transitions, like the Total War series, then an SSD will make a good difference.

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