I recently restored a machine (running Snow Leopard) of mine from Time Machine and the restore went well. After restoring, I attempted to back up to Time Machine again (on the same external hard drive I have always used) and I noticed that Time Machine was deleting old backups for that computer. After some waiting, it gives me a message saying that there is not enough space on the disk to perform a new backup (it needs 237GB free but there is only ~200GB free). But I want the backups to be added to the previous ones like they have always been in the past.

What should I do? If there is no chance of me getting Time Machine to do what I want it to do, is there software out there that lets me manipulate my TM backups easily? It would really suck to lose all those previous backups just because I had to restore...


In system preferences under the Sharing pane check to see if the computer name is the same as the folder in the Backups.backupsdb folder in the time machine volume.

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  • Just checked it. It is the same, but it still insists on doing a completely new backup. – Stunner Dec 11 '11 at 3:01

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