I want to re-indent my code but the rails tags <% foo %> get aligned to the left with no indentation. What I'm using is:

markup > utilities > format > pretty print

Does anyone know if there is a way to reconfigure this behavior?


I just found this out but cant seem to get it working:

"The 'Pretty print' option for Markup -> Utilities -> Format is now implemented internally using a Dreamweaver-style source format profile. This affords slightly prettier output than was possible before. Advanced users can override the factory format profile by placing an appropriately constructed file at ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/SourceFormat.profile."

I opened the bbedit app package, found the file, copied it to the folder indicated in "application support" and tweaked the desired indentation width just as a test before touching anything else, and it doesnt seem to do anything.

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Well, I cant get it to work for some reason but as mentioned above this is obviously the way:

~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/SourceFormat.profile

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