My Firefox has been slowing down a lot lately, gobbling up over 1 GB of RAM for only 2-3 open tabs. This is pure disaster on the old hardware I have at work. Starting it with a completely clean profile returned it back to normal speed.

Of course, add-ons are a big part of the problem, and I will have to select carefully the ones I want to keep. But I suspect that it is also full of useless baggage multiplied by Firefox Sync. My bookmarks list has thousands of entries, and I need maybe 20 of them. The rest was restored after I deleted them on purpose on one computer, or even replicated for unknown reason (the replication of existing bookmarks mostly happens when I log on from a machine I haven't used in months). I suspect that other data managed by Sync has proliferated the same way, and is one of the factors which slow the browser down.

I want to go through everything Sync manages, and clean out the unneeded things. I also want to set the Sync direction on seldom-used Firefox installs to readonly, so I don't get ages old data restored. I logged on to the Firefox Sync web interface, but it only offered me to delete everything. I couldn't manage FF installs with access to my account, I couldn't see the data and selectively delete parts of it. Is there any other way to do it?

I don't want to delete the stuff from a single computer and hope that it will stay deleted, because this is obviously not working properly.


If you only want to go for the bookmarks you might want to use XMarks instead of Firefox Sync. This is slim and fast and only syncs bookmarks.

  • Thank you for the tip, but I want to stay with Sync, I just want to clean all the cruft gathered in it. – rumtscho Nov 8 '11 at 20:08

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