I deleted a calendar but I need it back now. I don't know how to restore it.

I see it in the deleted items but it has no restore button or anything in that nature. I tried to drag it to the calendar area but it won't let me.


if you are looking at the deleted items in 'folder list' view there are 2 ways in which you can restore the calender from there.

Firstly you can simply 'right click' on the item you want restored and select 'move folder'

First Option

The second option is dragging from the 'deleted items' folder to the destination that you would like to store it - (i see that you have tried this, but i would recommend trying it again, but 'right clicking' and moving) You will then be asked if you would like to either 'move' or 'copy' the file

Second Option

Hope this information is of some help to you :)

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