I am installing a LAMP install on Debian GNU/Linux and have been asked to enter the following command

sudo touch /var/www/info.php

I was just wondering if anyone could explain what it does.




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That command creates an empty file called "info.php". The next step is probably to edit the file, and add something like this to it:

<?php phpinfo();

What this does is allow you to see all information about your Apache/PHP installation through your browser, usually to see if you have all the PHP libraries you need.

When you have done installing, you should delete "info.php".


sudo raises the privilege level of the following command to superuser level (root). In this case the following command is touch, and touch creates the file that is passed as parameter, in this case /var/www/info.php.

The best you can do is read the man pages of sudo and touch.

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