I am using a brand new HP computer with Windows 7 64 bit. When I first hooked it up it detected my network (hooked up through ethernet) easily. However, after I uninstalled Norton Internet Security, it stopped being able to detect my home network. I can still use the internet as if connected, but I can't go into the network options to communicate with other computers. I had this same problem on Windows Vista on my previous computer. Is there any way to fix this so it detects the network?


This sounds like an issue with Norton's Network security overriding the windows network and firewall settings. You could try to use this workaround, or find some information here, or, like I said in my comment, try using Microsoft Security Essentials. It's a free, and very unproblematic, unobtrusive antivirus.

  • I installed Microsoft Security Essentials. I'm looking into the workaround. Thank you very much. And as a note, the problem occurred after I un-installed Norton. I refuse to use Norton, but it came packaged with my computer. – Dave Nov 11 '11 at 19:11
  • I'm not finding a way to get it to detect my home network yet. Norton is completely removed, and I have a feeling that it removed something important that it should not have when it was installed. More reasons to hate Norton. – Dave Nov 11 '11 at 19:21

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