When I start Aptana Studio 3 in my Ubuntu 11.10, it automatically creates a folder named "Aptana Rubles" at ~/Documents. How to configure to remove it permanently? I tried to find an option in Preferences of Aptana but I don't see anything related. If I can't remove, how to move it to another place?

I tried this but it still create the "Aptana Rubles" at ~/Documents http://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/tis/Changing+the+User+Bundle+Directory

Edit: my AptanaStudio3.ini


-Dstudio.rubleUserLocation="/home/hieund/Programs/Aptana Studio 3/Aptana Rubles"
-Daptana.ruble.user.location="/home/hieund/Programs/Aptana Studio 3/Aptana Rubles"

  • Just to be sure, have you followed the correct instructions for your Aptana version? Does it maybe work with the other variant? Are you sure you passed these arguments correctly? You could try specifying other arguments (e.g. workspace location) and see if they are received correctly by the application. – Daniel Beck Nov 13 '11 at 15:42
  • 2
    This perfectly works for me, however (1) I use only Dstudio.rubleUserLocation, (2) I don't use quotes (maybe space causes this), (3) the entry is last one in the ini file, (4) the folder already exists before I run aptana. You also need to follow their rules:1. The directory must exist 2. The directory must be writable 3. The directory must be readable – Lukasz Frankowski Feb 17 '12 at 17:55
  • I had this same problem with Aptana Studio Plugin for Eclipse on Mac OS X. The solution was to open up the Eclipse.app contents, and then edit the eclipse.ini file within by adding the -Daptana.ruble.user.location=/User/user/Dev/aptana-studio line – acjay Aug 24 '12 at 21:26
  • It works for me with both aptana.ruble.user.location and studio.rubleUserLocation. I've read that using quotes breaks it, so try removing them. – Ian Dunn Oct 3 '12 at 14:37

I am writing this incase someone else has the same problem.

For Mac

  1. Go to the Applications folder
  2. Open the Aptana Studio folder
  3. Right-click on the AptanaStudio application icon
  4. Select Show Package Contents
  5. Open the Contents folder
  6. Open the MacOS folder
  7. Open the AptanaStudio3.ini file in your favorite text editor

And then add this line in the end

-Dstudio.rubleUserLocation=~/<SOME_LOCATION>/Aptana Rubles

Here is an example path

-Dstudio.rubleUserLocation=~/Documents/App Data/Aptana Rubles

Make sure

  1. The directory must exist
  2. The directory must be writable
  3. The directory must be readable

Source: Changing Your User Bundle Path


Similarly, on GNU/Linux:

In /usr/share/aptana/AptanaStudio3.ini, add the line "-Dstudio.rubleUserLocation=/home/[you]/[your_new_Rubles_directory]" (sans quotes) if it doesn't already exist.

It didn't expand "~" and instead created an empty directory in my home directory named "~" (nervously executing "rm -r \~" removed it, by the way), so I used the full path; not sure how it would respond to the location being wrapped in quotes or containing spaces, but I'd surmise it's probably fairly finicky. This is somewhat sickeningly dirty, however, as other users of the same machine can't read or write to that hard-coded directory.

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