I am using Ubuntu 11.10 and from my speaker the sound is coming but after inserting the headset it's not working. I have tested my headset in windows XP and found no problem with it. I have played with the volume control but never find any way to get it be done.

Could anybody help me out? Thanx in advance.

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You should go to your sound options (preferences) and choose your headset as output device.

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  • I have not found any "audio headset analog stereo" option in sound Preferences..Now what to do? – Sam Nov 15 '11 at 11:53

I had the same issue. The following steps solved my problem.

  • Go to System Settings > Sounds.

  • Under the Hardware tab, check on whether your headset is detected.

  • If detected: Go to the input tab and select the headset's name. Then, go to the output tab and select the headset name again. Adjust the volume of each to be audible.

  • Try to listen to something.

  • If not detected: Try using a USB adapter for your headset. Your sound port may be defective.

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