I'm trying to open two PDF files simultaneously, in order to compare their contents, one on the right (Win) and another on the left (Win) side of my screen.

Unfortunately I'm trying without success. I already tried to open another Foxit reader, using "open as", but nothing worked.

May I have to install Adobe and Foxit to do that?


There's an option in Foxit Reader's settings that allows multiple instances of the program to be opened.

Go to Tools->Preferences->Documents->Allow Multiple Instances

However in Foxit Reader version 7.2.2: go to Edit->Preferences->Documents->Allow Multiple Instances.

This will open single file in multiple windows not in multiple tabs. Then arrange windows vertically or horizontally to view two files simultaneously. However, I have not found the split window command like Adobe Reader in Foxit.

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    To add to this for Business Version of Foxit which is PhantomPDF You just go to Files>Preferences>Documents> and click the top check box for Multiple instances. A google search for this brought me here but had to tweak it for my version. Added the other way here to help others.
    – Majestic12
    Mar 20 '16 at 18:14

In Foxit Reader 6.0 this option is here:

File->Preferences->Documents->Allow Multiple Instances


In the others versions the useful funcations can be found here:

Edit->Preferences->Documents->Allow Multiple Instances

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