I want to live monitor a logfile generated on a remote linux host with a windows tool.

I'm looking for something like:

$> ssh remoteserver 'tail -F /var/log/err.log' | tool.exe

But on Windows. Sadly there is no way around it.

tool.exe supports reading from stdin.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this without hacking an ssh-connection directly into tool.exe?

$> plink.exe remoteserver 'tail -f /var/log/err.log' | tool.exe

does the trick (plink.exe is from puTTY toolset)


You can checkout in'side log.

A Java tool I created, able to read local and distant log files using SSH. It is fairly simple to use.

Some more explanations: https://github.com/pschweitz/insidelog/wiki

Just download the version corresponding to your operating system, or the native jar release executable within your Java Runtime (requires java 8_40 or higher):


You can find a complete documentation (embedded with and in Github's page as well)

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