I have folders old and new.

I want to replace all the contents in old/* to new/*. There can be many subdirectories in those folders.

But there can be few files which are not in new/* but are in old/*, so I want them to stay as they are.

How can I do that from a Linux shell?


rsync would probably be a better option here. It's as simple as rsync -a subdir/ ./. check this unix.stackexchage answer for better solutions

use -f with the cp command

cp -fR /source/files /dest

suppress cp to overwrite" prompt..

To override cp's alias you can simply enclose it in quotes:

 'cp' -rf ./source/* /destination/

for more information follow these links:



  • Don't use rsync for a one time copy, the overhead of hashing all dir contents is substantial, it only pays when keeping directories synchronized. For a gigantic one time copy, use a tarpipe. – J. M. Becker Jan 13 at 20:35

Use rsync. It will synchronize the directories in one direction. So, if you want to update your old folder with everything from new, but keep what's in there, just use:

rsync -avh --dry-run /path/to/new/ /path/to/old/

This will, in a first instance, just output the list of files that would be transferred. In that case: Everything found in new will be copied to old, unless it's already there. Everything in old stays as it is.

If it looks fine to you, remove the --dry-run argument to transmit them for real.

The -avh flags just enable archive mode (which will preserve timestamps, etc.), verbosity and human-readable file-sizes. Nothing will be deleted from the destination unless you specify the --delete flag. Consult man rsync for more information.


please Try Once if you want to change the name of a folder theare are no command to rename the files/folders the mv command is used to move the old directory to new directery so rename sucess.

mkdir new sudo mv -fr old/* new/

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