Sometimes when I click a link on web page and open it in new tab, the web page will never be loaded.

But if I copy the URL and paste it to address bar to open it in new tab, everything is OK.

I googled a while and find a lot complain about this. I can't beleive such a big bug could survive for such a long time.

Have you ever met that before? What might cause the problem?

  • I can't believe the "bug" of not supporting CSS standards has survived for such a long time either. You come to expect issues with MSIE after a while. Sep 4, 2009 at 18:51

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I had that problem and thats why i switched over to firefox. I never use IE. The problem is simply caused by the programming and development of IE8. You can really only wait and hope that a patch or new version comes out to fix the issue.

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