So it is one nice utility I had in my WinXP that shows memory usage bar under the drive icon LEFT in Explorer:

enter image description here Vista drive icon shows it like this:

That is where I need to see memory usage

It calls Vista Drive Icon. This also shows "!" when there is a critical free memory size on drive. How to make it in Windows 7? Thanx


You need to set Explorer to "Tiles" display to get the bars under the drives in Windows 7.

Click Here:


Choose "Tiles":


You can also switch between icon size/types by holding Ctrl and rolling your mousewheel, while over an active Explorer Window.

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You have to set a specific view (e.g.: list, details etc.). I don't know how this menu-option is called in english, so I made a screenshot for you. You should be able to select it by position (the second from the bottom):

enter image description here,

Update 2011\11\20 16:08:
AFAIK, you can't show a memory-usage-bar in the tree on the left side. You need an extension that does that like that extension that you used in your Windows XP.

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