I've run into an issue with my Logitech Media Elite Keyboard. At some point layout changing in Windows 7 stopped working, and it was set up to Ctrl+Shift, and I've figured out that this combo doesn't work anymore if I try to press both keys really simultaneously (i.e. word-by-word text selection with Ctrl+Shift+Arrows doesn't work now).

However, both Ctrl and Shift are working by themselves — Ctrl+C, letter capitalization works. Furthermore, if I press Ctrl, then press Shift and then release Ctrl, combo works and keyboard layout switches. And if I press Ctrl and Shift and press cursor keys a few times being in text editor, cursor doesn't move until I release one of keys (Ctrl or Shift). And if I press arrows "too many" times, the cursor starts moving in that direction infinitely after releasing Ctrl or Shift.

I know it all looks very strange but it really is. I believe it to be not a hardware problem as Ctrl and Shift occasionally work.

I think I was playing World of Tanks when it happened but I'm not sure. I don't know when exactly it happened.

I've tried putting my keyboard in different USB ports and in PS/2 as well, reinstalling drivers and installing Logitech SetPoint software — no luck.

Can anybody help and explain what happened to keyboard and why? And how to fix it, if possible.


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Somehow I pressed the “Favorites” button on the keyboard and didn't notice it; and button stuck and was “pressed” all the time. Now I've “released” it and keyboard works all right again

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    Great! Thanks for providing an answer for the community. :)
    – iglvzx
    Nov 28, 2011 at 20:27

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