I had been using shimo to connect to my vpn and shimo has the ability to execute apps/scripts when the connection happens. I have moved to 10.6 and am now using the built in client. I don't see any way to execute apps/scripts when the built in client connects. Does anyone know if this can be done? If so please provide details.



Well, as far as I remember, Shimo can you any of your excisting connections. If its 10.6 compatible, you could just use it for the triggering/scripting.

If I'm wrong, sorry. That's just how it worked the last time I used it.


  • Shimo is the best thing right now. – Carnell Jan 19 '10 at 5:55

Use an ip-up (and an ip-down if needed) script in /etc/ppp, a quick article on macosxhints.com has a few details.


Use something like NetworkLocation to detect when you get the new IP address on your private network and trigger certain actions.

To do it for free, you could run a cron job every minute to detect if you've got an ip address in the VPN and trigger an action the first time it sees it.


The right way to do this is with an ip-up script in /etc, but historically, this has not actually worked properly on OS X.

I have not tried it since 10.4, but what I had to do as a workaround back then was setup a launchd job that watched /var/log/ppp.log for relevant (i.e. VPN-related) entries.

I'd say both methods are worth a shot.

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