I want to filter messages from a specific IMAP folder to be moved to Local Folders.

Message Filters seems only able to filter by headers/size/attachments/status, not folder.

Is there a way to automatically move all messages delivered to a specific folder (regardless of headers/attachments/content) into Local Folders?


The Filter Subfolders will give you what you want. How are the emails getting into the IMAP folder in the first place - via a gmail rule?

  • Is it under your control, if so, you could add a X- message header to the email as it gets sorted, and then use the in-built filters. – Paul Nov 21 '11 at 23:26
  • The Add-On is not supported by current versions of Thunderbird anymore. – Twilite Dec 7 '13 at 9:52

There must be some header in the message that identifies the account and/or server.

If you do not see that header in the filter creation, you could maybe use mailnews.customHeaders in Thunderbird settings as described here :

String : List of custom headers. Except for the last entry each ends with ':' and the list is seperated using spaces. For example: X-Spam-hits: Body: Reply-To


The FiltaQuilla Add-On offers that functionality.

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