The menu containing Restore, Move, Resize, Minimize, Maximize and Close accessible through right click on a window titlebar or click on the upper left form icon, was before the new Aero stuff available from right click on an active program in the task bar. How can I access it now from the task bar?

I use it when a window is outside the screen, by selecting Move and then pressing an arrow, and then move the mouse cursor to where I want the window and finally clicking where I want it.

As a workaround, to retrieve a window that is outside the current screen (say that you have 2 screens and one is currently showing another pc) I'm doing the following:

  1. Alt tab to the program
  2. Press ALT-SPACE
  3. Press m
  4. Press an arrow key
  5. Move the mouse into view
  6. Left click the mouse

However, I think it's better to be able to see the menu rather than guessing the menu.
Is it possible to show the above mentioned menu from the task bar?

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If I understand correctly, you want Shift+RightMouseClick.


For this specific case (window on another monitor you can't see), you can just use Alt + Shift and then press Left or Right till it appears on the visible monitor.

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