Need to make next one: for ex i'm now in UAE, but i need to make a call to my girlfriend who is in Ukraine. I need to find the way how can i make the connection to my home router and make the call from VoIP gateway using my standard phone network in Ukraine.

I have some imagination about this, to do like this:

Connect to router or VoIP gateway (how? soft?) using inet -> Gateway make a call using standard phone line in my country.

Any ideas? Best practice? What devices i need to make this?

Pay attention that i don't want to use any SIP providers.

Thats a lot!


Preface: I'm under impression, that any SIP-usage is illegal in UAE (may be wrong)

Is "home router" router in UA or in UAE? (I suppose it must be UA in order to perform VoIP-termination, which is, BTW, illegal in Ukraine).

Well, in any case, technically (forget about law for now) functional version will be

  • Active internet-connection in your ua-home, which have also landline phone
  • VOIP-gate, which have at least one FXO-port (not FXS) (will be connected to landline) - I can suggest to see at some Linksys (I know, they can gate VoIP<->PSTN)
  • Soft-phone at your side in UAE
  • RTFM-RTFM-RTFM, grok dialplans of Linksys (big headache), can't help with it
  • After all, you will be able perform direct SIP-call to UA-device, gate to PSTN and call local numbers as local phone

Just note: SIP-account from any SIP-operator and call to UA-landline directly will be a lot more easier and faster way

  • VoIp is absolutely legal in Ukraine (im' living in UA) :) UAE was just the location example. I need this cause i make a lot of long trips during the year and want to have cost free way for making calls. In this way i don't want to have any agent between me and my home phone :) your suggestion looks good, thanks a lot! – evgeniy.labusnkiy Nov 23 '11 at 11:33
  • VOIP, not VOIP-Termination to PSTN – Lazy Badger Nov 23 '11 at 11:34
  • SIP operator (with secured by TLS voice-connection, if you are so paranoid) is, from my POV, good choice anyway and produce less "points of failures" – Lazy Badger Nov 23 '11 at 11:37
  • i dont care about security of connection. just want to have the solution that i can manage by myself – evgeniy.labusnkiy Nov 23 '11 at 11:49
  • Solution, that you can manage and manage: 1. Run own SIP-server, create accounts for you and your girlfriend 2. Make a gift to girlfriend: Android-phone with installed SIP-phone, configured to use her account from your SIP-server and your SIP ID, added to addressbook 3. Configure own softphone 4. Call 5. Have fun – Lazy Badger Nov 23 '11 at 12:18

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