I want to control my laptop from my desktop.

I've been doing this with VNC (PC desktop to MacBook Pro) - but I want to remove the 'viewing' aspect of it on my desktop; I don't want to have the viewing screen on the desktop but still be able to control the mouse/keyboard via VNC.

Is this possible?

I'm using RealVNC Viewer and connecting to the default built-in VNC server on Mac OS X Lion.


Instead of VNC, consider using synergy. A great tool for controlling multiple machines from a single keyboard/mouse. Cross platform Windows / OSX / Linux.

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There are a few freeware and/or opensource alternatives for those on a budget.

Windows Only: Mouse Without Borders
OS X Only: Teleport

For a cross platform solution there is x2vnc or Win2VNC. Which you choose depends on host operating system. The one the mouse/keyboard is connected to. On the machine you wish to control you will need a vnc server, not included, such as TightVNC, OSXVNC, x11vnc, etc... Some may find setup complicated. However it should be pretty straight forward if you have manually configured any sort of VNC setup in the past. The biggest drawback of (x/win)2vnc is connectivity being limited to only 2 systems simultaneously.

  • Should also note that synergy is open source & can be found here. Though if your intent is to simply compile & use without paying. Morally it would be similar to piracy. The developers work hard & deserve your support. – Terus Jun 8 '17 at 16:21

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