I have a LaTeX project using make files for compilation and want to write the texts on Windows using Kile.

I had a quick look on google but only really came up with Make for Windows the last version of which dates back to 2006. Maybe it is just incredibly well done and stable, but I would still like to know:

Which are the alternatives (if any) to use makefiles on Windows?

In the ideal case I would like to configure the tool into Kile (which is running on Windows, yes) and run it from there.

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The simplest is to use cygwin and run linux command. Another way is to use nmake command provided by the windows SDK but, in this case, you have to edit some part of the makefile. I suggest the first solution. Hope this helps

  • This is a great solution as it also uses a repository (the thing I miss most on Windows). Dec 1, 2011 at 10:04
  • 1
    I also added the cygwin binaries (C:\cygwin\bin per default) to my PATH system variable. After restarting Kile and configuring a new make command as a build tool I was able to use make from Kile. Dec 1, 2011 at 10:05

Another alternative is MinGW, which can compile to a native Win32 program.


there is a way, first you have to download an ubuntu oficial image in dockerhub and then something like this docker run -d -v C:/Users/francis.delacruz/Projects:/mnt/test ubuntu /bin/bash, in your windows desktop continue doing your makefile because you will execute in your linux container even you could deploy all in this terminal bash just you nedd to install all dependecies finally just test. when you put this -v in the container it will mount windows desktop memory into the ubuntu container so its like a mixture. i hope this was helpfull for you.

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