Is it possible that an LCD monitor gets pixels damaged in transit?

I bought a used LCD monitor without testing it first, and when I got home I found it had three contiguous stuck pixels on its screen (they're pink when screen is black, disappears when screen is white) . There are no visible physical damage on the device. However, the seller is claiming the damage wasn't there when he last checked it.

I spent hours last night trying the software, pressure, tapping and heat repair methods to no avail.

Is it even possible that the dead pixels happened in transit, while carrying it home?

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From my experience, yes, it is possible. Especially if anything comes in contact with the screen in a harsh manner. Sometimes when people carry their monitor they wrap the power cord and/or video cable around the monitor. If these accidentally hit the screen it can sometimes cause dead pixels. This could have been pressure from something setting against the screen like a zipper, or hard cuff of a jacket and not necessarily just by hitting it hard.

Sounds like you've done a good job troubleshooting itUnfortunatelyyt, you've probably already realized it, but you should have checked it before you bought it.

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