I am setting up a Samba server on Ubuntu and need to create users on the server. However I am not sure which options I need to set with useradd in order for the user to work.

  1. Does the samba user need a shell?

  2. Does the samba user need a defined home directory?

  3. Would it be a good idea to make a special group just for samba users or is it okay to use the default group?

  1. No, Samba does not use this.

    (Some other services, such as ftp, require a shell to ensure that the account belongs to a human. Samba uses its own account database instead.)

  2. No, the home directory is not needed.

    The only exception is the special [homes] share, accessible at //server/username.

  3. It depends on how you intend to manage access to files – if all users are to be treated equally, use the default group. If Samba users need additional restrictions, use a separate group. (Starting with the default might be okay.)

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