I have a word document that I want to work with in Google docs.

How can i know it will not be broken (That i cant get it back as a word document comparable to the one I uploaded, with the changes i have made).

If this is difficult, any online apps similar to Google Docs which are closer to word?

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  • An answer could be a way to compare what you get back with the original document (So "cannot be reasonably answered in its current form" is wrong QED). Also it shows that this is not a web-app question. – Olav Dec 8 '11 at 5:29

If it loads into google docs fine it will save fine as a regular word doc. As long as you are not using some outlandish stuff in your word docs they will 99% of the time load just fine into google docs.

  • This has not been my experience with importing Word documents into Google Docs. Documents that I import will regularly have large portions of the formatting removed, though the original plaintext is typically there. Also, during the importing process, Google Docs will not notify you that it has stripped unsupported formatting from the document. – cmorse Dec 8 '11 at 3:34

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