I'm installing a FreeBSD Server on VirtualBox. I set up the IP address ( for the virtual server to run a mail server and the host computer(Windows 7) with The two machines cannot communicate or connect to each other.

I cannot ping from the virtual machine to the host and vice versa. The host machine connects to a LAN. I want the mail server to run frm a VMachine.

I think it's a problem with the network configuration of the virtual machine.


In the settings for this VM, what kind of attachment is configured for your network adapter (Settings -> Network -> Adapter 1 tab)?

If you're set to the default (NAT), then you probably want to switch to use bridged networking. You'll be asked to associate a physical network interface. Pick the one that is on your 192.168.10 network.

If none if this is news to you, or if that doesn't work, I can try to assist further.

For more background, see the networking section of the VirtualBox manual.


I tried something which worked well (on windows server 2012): You just go to computer, then right click on network connection, properties, "change advanced network settings" And then you allow file and printer sharing.

I know it sounds strange but it worked fine for me


Before installing with the OS we need to check the connectivity be both physical & Virtual machines.

check with the duplex settings on both with Physical machines & Virtual machine.

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