I am very much annoyed by â and  being outputted in the manual outputs of most commands I run.

Can someone please suggest a solution?

I am using PuTTY in SSH mode and my Linux server is customized by Amazon EC2.

echo $TERM

´B´ :Bold_Disable/Enable_toggle
              This command will influence use of the âboldâ terminfo capability and alters both the summary area and task area for the  ´cur-
              rentâ window.  While it is intended primarily for use with dumb terminals, it can be applied anytime.

              Note:  When  this  toggle  is On and top is operating in monochrome mode, the entire display will appear as normal text.  Thus,
              unless the âxâ and/or âyâ ...

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Is your terminal configured to display UTF-8? Try to keep locale and terminal setting in accord. If connecting through ssh, you should take the target machine's locale into consideration, too.

In PuTTY, go to Settings -> Window -> Translation -> UTF-8

  • How can i check that in putty? my terminal type is echo $TERM xterm
    – P K
    Dec 11, 2011 at 17:50
  • 14
    The encoding is not related to terminal type or $TERM. In PuTTY, go to Settings -> Window -> Translation. Dec 11, 2011 at 17:53

The default putty window translation is Latin-1, but needs to be UTF-8.

Screen shot of where in the putty interface the change needs to be made

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