So, I have a Ubuntu partition on my hard drive and was wondering if i would be able to delete the Ubuntu partition and re-partition it into Windows?


While your description is rather vague, you an most definitely accomplish what you want with the diskpart utility. Hit Start > Run, and type diskpart.exe before pressing Enter.

If you then press h and Enter, you should get a brief introduction to the workings of the program.

If you don't currently have a working Windows install, the Windows setup disks contain tools to partition disks, which should be sufficient for a basic Windows system.

I'm told there are graphical utilities to accomplish the same tasks, these differ greatly in both ability and appearance between Windows versions. There are also a number of third-party tools, both paid, libre, and gratis, that can either be used from inside a Windows login or as a bootable live disk. Your Ubuntu install disk contains a number of options in this regard. I myself am partial to the Gentoo live disks, available here.

Note that non-Windows-bundled software has historically had troubles resizing (end sometimes moving) NTFS partitions, so you might want to avoid third-party software for these tasks, if they should prove necessary.

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