I have four devices that I want to sync my bookmarks across: a Mac Mini, a Macbook Air, an iPad2, and a Windows 7 PC.

I use Safari on the three Apple products and Firefox 8 on the Windows 7 PC. I use iCloud to sync my bookmarks with the three Apple devices, but this obviously leaves my Windows PC out of the loop. I realize that I can sync the bookmarks to IE and then constantly export them and import them into Firefox, but this is both clunky and not really a "sync" since things that I bookmark on my PC in Firefox won't show up on my other devices.

What is the best way to sync my bookmarks from iCloud with a PC running Firefox 8?

  • As described, it's not possible without some hack or intermediate method, like using IE.
    – user3463
    Dec 14 '11 at 18:49
  • I was hoping that there would be an add-on or something similar that I was unaware of that would handle this in the background.
    – MDMarra
    Dec 14 '11 at 19:18

Xmarks can be combined with iCloud. I use XMarks on Windows machine and on OS X machine. Using iCloud on OS X machine and iPad. I get all bookmarks synchronized on all devices. Drawback is that you need to synchronize on OS X in order to sync between Windows and iPad. But in my case this is not a problem since my Mac Mini is up most of the time.


An easy solution is to use the Firefox extension "plainoldfavorites". The IE bookmarks are then directly accessible from Firefox and no export/import is necessary. And the IE bookmarks are directly sync'd to iCloud.

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