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I have a very well customized install of Windows 7, with tons of apps and configuration. I'm running it on a Lenovo Thinkapad X201 and I'm getting a new Thinkpad X220 with a solid state drive. How can I image the Windows 7 install on the X201 and simply move it over?

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You may wish to look into the Windows Automated Installation Kit, I believe this is the equivalent to using SysPrep in a Windows XP Environment. I have used the SysPrep option on Lenovo ThinkPads in the past with Windows XP in a domain environment without a hitch. This is the M$ way of doing it I believe; though you could clone the drive using CloneZilla if the drive in the new machine is identical in size.

One thing you may want to note though, seeing as you are going from an X2 01 to an X2 20; is the hardware exactly the same, does the X201 also contain an SSD?

If the answer to the last two questions is no, then you may run into some driver issues upon completion of the cloning process.

Note: There are paid for solutions that also provide this ability such as Acronis


You can use CloneZilla LiveCD to make an exact copy of one hard drive over to another.

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