I wish to use autorun.inf on a CD so that it auto-plays an installation package.

But I know that anti-virus software doesn't like autorun.inf files. How can I use an autorun.inf file without upsetting anti-virus software?

  • Most auto run inf files are disabled from running in Windows now, has nothing to do with 3rd party security software, its blocked in the OS. – Moab Dec 16 '11 at 16:13

Antivirus have no problem with autorun.inf files... antivirus have problem with what is inside the autorun.inf file.

In Windows7 autorun is disabled on flash drives because Malware embeds itself on them pretty easy. But you can use autorun on a CD like normal.

Use Microsoft Guidelines on how to populate an autorun.

Using things like regedit, disabling UAC and other administration type actions will be flagged as suspicious by most anti virus scanners...


Virus scanners and alike should have no problems with the autorun.inf on a CD.

Windows and third party applications alike usually limit themselves to blocking autorun.inf on memory cards, flash drives, etc.

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