I think most of the info is in the question but here's a little more detail on what I'm trying to achieve.

I control VLC via my Android phone and the VLC Remote app. It works just fine, but I'd prefer to run a different service on port 8080. I'm running VLC on Windows 7 64-bit.

To be clear, I have VLC running on my PC, displaying the content on the PC, but the control is handled by the smartphone.

I have enabled HTTP interface through "Preferences -> All -> Interface -> Main Interfaces -> HTTP remote control interface"

I have checked inside "%APPDATA%\vlc\vlc-qt-interface.ini" and couldn't find anything relevant. I also checked "%APPDATA%\vlc\vlcrc" however there are a lot of settings in there I don't yet understand.


You can start it using certain parameters to modify the port number, as dictated by the VLC documentation.

vlc -I http (--http-src /directory/ --http-host host:port)
  • Thanks for the suggestion but this doesn't seem to do wat I need. I ran "vlc -I http (--http-src m:/media/ --http-host" and I can see in TCPView that port 8001 is open but I can't raise it through the remote control app. Nor can I raise it through the browser
    – G-.
    Dec 19 '11 at 21:58
  • vlc -I http (--http-src "C:/Program Files (x86)/VideoLAN/VLC/http" --http-host This also doesn't show anything on the PC monitor I'd really appreciate if you've any other ideas?
    – G-.
    Dec 19 '11 at 22:04
  • Beyond what the documentation provides, I have no clue Dec 19 '11 at 22:10

I found the answer here:


The following is a quote from user VLC_help:

"Tools -> Preferences... (Show settings: All) Interface -> Main interface -> HTTP and put the port to Host address field (so :9090). Save and restart.

I set this to and it works. Image is shown on PC and control is handled by the phone.

I have tested this and found it to be working on "VLC media player 1.1.11 The Luggage".

  • There is no Main interface -> HTTP and no HTTP Port showing in the user interface on VLC 3.0.11 it is now using a Lua Web interface. Answer by Matt Vukomanovic to edit the %APPDATA%\vlc\vlcrc and uncomment and change http-port= solves this for me. Dec 26 '20 at 17:33

In the vlcrc file %APPDATA%\vlc\vlcrc Search for the setting http-port=

There are three settings that contain http-port but only the one which is only http-port is the correct one to modify.


just click + plus sign, change port number and click add. it's going to re-write your port each time you try to stream anyway. check your firewall too, it kinda messed me up for a while.

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