I have a MacBook and I would like to check out Fedora. I have created a bootable USB stick with UNetbootin, but it won't boot on my mac. It does on a friends PC (win7). I think this has to do with BIOS vs. EFI, bit how can I solve the problem so I can boot from it on my mac.

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  • anyone? I can do stuff trought terminal if that's whats needed... – user1009013 Dec 22 '11 at 21:39

The Ubuntu website has great guide on how to do this in OS X.


The previous answer just includes a link to Ubuntu's instructions, so I'll summarize the steps. I've used these steps to create Ubuntu installation media for a Dell server configured for EFI boot.

  • Launch Disk Utility
  • Select View -> Show All Devices
  • Right-click or select the target device, and choose "Erase".
  • Choose MS-DOS (FAT), GUID Partition Map
  • Click "Erase"

Once complete, download and run Etcher. Select your ISO and click "Flash".

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