I need to have open three URLs that are the same on three different servers. It becomes bit hard to quickly select the tab I need to go to in quick manner.

To have the same color or same color scheme for the same server would be a solution. Can I do that somehow automatically base on URL&domain in Firefox 8.x?


FlagTab seems to have what you need.

  • Persistently Mark Tabs That Match a Certain URL/Regex

Persistent URLs are URLs that you want to always color with a certain label. The Mozilla Add-ons url has already been defined and will always color tabs red (until you change or delete it of course ;). Valid inputs for the URL text box can be flat URLs or regex strings. Once a URL has been set, select the label you want to color it, and hit OK. FlagTab will apply the Persistent URL label OVER the previous label, that way once you navigate away from the Persistent URL the color will be restored to its previous state. Use the "x" button to remove a label and the "+ Add Color" to add a new label.

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    Looks good, not available for current version of ff though... – Radek Jan 4 '12 at 0:28
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    FlagTab doesn't seem to exist anymore :( – lazo Dec 6 '18 at 0:29

Came across another add-on ColorTabs recently, which was really quick to get working. Only drawback is that if you have multiple windows, the color of the window/tab that is in focus also applies to the window that's not in focus.

Bit of an issue if you've got 2 tabs on each screen with prod and dev open simultaneously.

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I use colorfultabs for this.

You do have to set a default match-all rule with a gray color to prevent if from coloring every tab, but from then on it works fine. I use it to discern between dev, staging and production.

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  • This is just my use case. But I cannot figure out how to configure the rules. In the add-ons section of Firefox, the addon offers me only some basic input fields to configure colors in general. Do you have any pointers? I am using FF 69. Seems like the FF interface changed a lot. – Richard Kiefer Sep 26 '19 at 8:19

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