I have recently migrated to Slackware from Debian. I have done this for the purpose of learning, as such, I have a question.

I have looked at the list of groups available on my system via less /etc/group and was wondering, which of these groups my user should be a member in order to have a fully functioning desktop environment?

Thanks, Jack Hunt

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You don't need to have users members of any of them to get a functioning desktop, however, you may wish to add them to some for convenience.

The audio and video groups allow the user to make changes to sound and display settings.

The cdrom group allows the user to eject the cdrom.

The users group is a ready made group for sharing. If all users are members of this group, they can create files with the :users group name, and then add permissions to allow others to access them.

The sudo group allows the user to escalate to root (if sudo is installed) for as single command, or for multiple commands.

The dialout group is useful if you are on laptop and have a modem.

The plugdev group allows popups for removable devices, and to manage them.


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