The Windows DjVu viewer (WinDjView) has a tabbed interface to open a few documents in one window.

On Linux, djvusmooth and djvu4 open each document in a new window.

The browser plugin for djvu is ok if the browser supports tabs. But standalone solutions would be more reliable.

Does a djvu viewer with tabs support exist on Linux?

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Sorry, I'm not aware of a DjVu viewer with tabs support. Neither Okular nor Evince has it built in.

However, there's an app called Book Manager (uses Okular to display documents) that allows you to open new documents in tabs.

Another workaround, depending on your desktop environment, would be grouping windows.

If there really isn't a DjVu viewer with tabs support for Linux, consider filing a bug. For example, there's already a wishlist for Okular.

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