I seem to have a weird version of lpr installed (one that doesn't cope with -o, see also this question). On all my other machines that run the same debian squeeze, the proper version of lpr is installed.

How can I get aptitude to install the "good" lpr?

Note: The contents of /etc/apt/sources.list are not the problem, I guess. The file is the same on all machines.

Edit: A related question is here.


Man pages mention:

A specific version of a package can be selected for installation by following the package name with an equals (=) and the version of the package to select

So it'll be something like

$ apt-get install lpr=<version>

lpr can be installed via

  • the lpr package (obvoius)

  • the lprng package (a little less obvious)

  • the cups-bsd package (not very obvious)

The three versions are not exactly the same and work a bit differently. They accept, for example, different options while being called.

See also this answer.

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