As I open up new files inside vim, the buffer index seems to skip over arbitrary indices. I switch between buffers using b<buffer-index>, so it helps to have sequential indices for sanity/OCD sake. After a while, I just exit vim and load up the files I'm currently working on via CL and it orders them sequentially, but this is a pain when you have multiple sub-directory paths.

Can I reset the sequence or something?


No, not without restarting Vim. There are a number of reasons why they cannot be reset, some of them internal, some having to do with avoiding surprises with Vim scripts that store buffer numbers.

Are you aware that you can do ":buffer partial buffer name" to jump to another buffer, as long as the string you supply is unique?

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    Ah! Thanks for the tip, I didn't know :buffer worked with partial names. – leo Dec 27 '11 at 20:41
  • vim-airline uses pseudo- buffer numbers then. – Paschalis Apr 5 '16 at 8:06

Creating a session (:mksession!), closing vim and opening the session (:so Session.vim) will reorder you indices starting from 2 (1 is used to source the session).

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