System: Dell Inspiron 1110 64bit, Windows 7.

Problem: When booting it'll reach the login/splash screen. Well almost, it shows the blue windows 7 splash screen image, the mouse (with loading symbol for first few seconds), and nothing else. The mouse seems a little bit big/stretched, but I can still move it around.

The problem occurs if I try to boot normally, in safe mode, safe mode with networking or command prompt, boot from last known good configuration, or even Repair Your Computer.

Is there anything I can do?


  • I don't have a Windows boot disc.
  • I don't think any of the keys are stuck.

Update: Ran startup repair from a Windows recovery USB. Same problem happened after restart.


Never assume you will get an alert. Test your file system/hard drives; look into tools such as SpinRite, and check with Dell and (better) your HDD's manufacturer for diagnostics utilities specific to your drive.

As always, try to make a backup first.

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