I received a folder with a bunch of PDF files and one DJVU file. The PDF's open in PDF Complete but the DJVU does not. How do I open this type of file?

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit and Internet Explorer 8.


I would suggest SumatraPDF.

It opens PDF, XPS, DjVu, CHM, CBZ, CBR and is small and really fast.


Viewers can be found here. It's just another (not as widely used) format for compression in documents.

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You should visit a website suggesting software for various file types like this one: File Extension DJVU

Here are some examples of Windows software from the site:

  • WinDjView
  • DjVuLibre DjView
  • ACD Systems Canvas 14
  • ACD Systems ACDSee 15
  • Lizardtech DjVu Solo
  • Web browser with LizardTech DjVu Browser plugin
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IrfanView , The "swiss army knife" for viewing graphic files on Windows, can display DJVU files.

With the plugin pack it is also easily possible to save the document as a PDF file:

File -> Save as... -> PDF

enter image description here

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