I have a desktop (Win 7 Ultimate) with 2 LAN cards and my internet connection through cable is by PPPoE connection. I connect to the internet via dial-up in desktop. I do not have a wireless router currently, but if required, I would buy one. I want to share my internet from my desktop to my RAZORBEE Smart TV Upgrade device running Android 2.2. It has support for both Ethernet connection and WiFi through USB dongles. Razorbee

And I also want to share my Internet connection with my Laptop(win XP) which has Wifi support and ethernet as well.

I would be grateful of you please help me in this regard.

Thank You.

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Your ISP probably limits you to a single-logon using your PPPoE credentials. Your best bet is to get a wireless router & let it handle the PPPoE negotiation... and then let the rest of your devices connect through wifi or through a wired connection.


May be configure your DSL modem to run the PPPoE to ISP. Enable and setup the DHCP server in the modem and create typical 192.168.1.X subnet. If you have a multi-port DSL modem, use different ports to connect different devices (Ethernet and/or Wifi). If your DSL modem is the simplest one, put a hub or router (w/ Wifi preferable) depending on your need.


You might be able to setup a dhcp server on your desktop and have your attaching devices get dhcp through it. not 100 % sure on win 7 how to do that but this might point you in the right direction. you might also be able to setup routing tables and just utilize your desktop as a router(non wifi of course). All honesty though drop 20-30 on a cheap router from best buy and save yourself a huge hassle.

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