I'm using compiz 0.8.8 on ArchLinux.

I have two monitors, and each time I use alt-tab to switch to next window, the windows from both monitors shows up. This makes it hard to find a specific window.

Is there any way to bind a key to switching to next window in the current monitor?

So if I have windows A & B on the 1st monitor, and windows C & D on the 2nd monitor, and window A is focused. Is it possible to specify a key similar to Alt-Tab which just switches between windows A & B, and not between windows A, B, C & D?

In KDE4, I can configure the task list on the panels to just show windows on current monitor. So in previous example, in the task list of 1st monitor there are only windows A & B, and in the task list of 2nd monitor there are only windows C & D. Is there similar feature in compiz?

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You can enable the Put plugin in compiz setting manager and set up your key bindings there.

The Put plugin allows you to put any active window on screen on any viewport, or any position by using keypad bindings

  • I already have it enabled, but Put plugin deals with the place of current window, not switching between windows. There is no key binding there relates to my question.
    – Henry Hu
    Commented Aug 15, 2012 at 1:05

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