I want to make a bootable USB thumb drive to install Windows on my computer. I don't want to use my old DVD to create an image and then upgrade to SP1, so I decided to download an untouched .iso file that already has SP1 in it. My question is this, is there a difference between these two files files?




What does dvd_u mean, is it somehow different from plain dvd? Also will these work with my retail Home Premium key or do these work only for thoe with TechNet/MSDN accounts?

  • Your retail (or upgrade, or OEM, etc.) key will work fine with these ISOs.
    – afrazier
    Jan 12, 2012 at 16:27

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the u version is more recent according to this site check this for details


U means it is updated with this hotfix, as per reading the link provided by daya


enter image description here

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