I'm using

  • VMWare Player 4
  • Windows 8 Dev Preview as guest OS
  • Windows 7 as host OS

On my host OS, I have 3 physical monitors. I've set up the guest to have 2 monitors.

When I boot into the guest OS, the dual monitor support works great within the VMWare window - i.e. both monitors are shown side by side within the VMWare window. I can set one to be Metro, the other the desktop, etc.

What I'd really like is each monitor in the guest OS to occupy a separate physical monitor, full screen.

Is this possible?


I am unsure about VMWare Player 4, from the amount of responses in the past 3 years I would have to say no, it's not possible. However, for the sake of Google, the following should help:

It is possible under VMWare Player 7 (current version)

  • Open the virtual machine
  • Set to full screen
  • The VMWare toolbar will now be at the top center of the screen. On the left side there should be an icon featuring two overlapping screens. A mouse over will display the "Cycle Multiple Monitors" caption.
  • Click the icon

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